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The Square Root Scoop – March


Just look around. Men are aware of what’s trending more than ever. Whether it be a full beard, a sleek do, or a hard part carved into the right spot. Many men see this movement but really don’t know

how to go about finding a good stylist that can sum it all up. Here’s some advice for finding the right stylist and a good plan for your mop.

The Mighty Consultation

It’s really quite simple, talk to a stylist. Set up a consultation, they’re usually free of charge, and discuss your options. I would use this almost like an interviewing process, where you gauge the

expertise and confidence of the stylist. The top two things to listen for are an understanding of your hair type and head shape, and just as importantly, an understanding of what can be done realistically

with your hair. Sure, discuss what vibe you like or notice, take in pictures on your phone, but listen for hints that the stylist is not only educated but enthused about modifying your look. Don’t be

afraid to say “I’ll think about it” if you don’t feel the confidence or connection happening. And don’t be hesitant to check out a different stylist that might be more able to deliver.

Consistently Thorough

One thing that keeps men loyal is being able to rely on their stylists’ consistency. This doesn’t only mean she or he can deliver good results every time, but that there is attention to details and

adjustments or improvements in shape etc. as the “look” evolves. It may be a matter of progressively getting longer on the top or tighter around the temples. Whatever the case, a good stylist will

explain what they’re doing to some degree. The other thing that a lot of stylists forget about is eyebrows, ear hair, and transition into the beard. There is opportunity for waxing services added on or a

beard trim for the stylist if they have time. Better yet, ask, so you don’t have to do any of it at home.

Easy Does It

There are few things I believe we do really well at our shop. We have real consultations with our male guests. Not just, “a number 2 blended to the top and square in back” kind of conversation. We

provide a complimentary clean-up in between appointments to keep you looking fresh longer. We educate our guests, recommending the proper tools, hair products, and technique to

replicate the look at home. We are passionate about doing good hair and making men look their potential best.

If you don’t come to Square Root, that’s ok, but at least you have a few basic pointers about how to find a stylist and what to expect wherever you go.

Beauty To The People! ~ David Gatt