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IMG_2314This is a common question this time of the year from nearly every curly girl I see. Fortunately there are plenty of simple steps you can take to address the symptoms of winter hair, especially in New Mexico’s climate.

1. Control frizz

A simple step to control frizz and keep it at bay is to wash less often. I know a few of you might be cringing, but don’t- it works! A general rule that I’ve been preaching for the last twenty-some years is, one day per every 3 inches. Here’s an example of what I mean. Nine inches of hair on your head means three days plus between shampooing. Twenty one inches of hair equals 7 days plus. This doesn’t mean you cannot rinse, scrub, and condition in between, in fact, that’s exactly what I would prescribe for anyone with more than more than 10” of curly hair. Curly hair is porous (spongey) and has the capacity to hold oil or product to control it. The natural oils do a great job of chilling the hair out.

2. Calm the hair down

A good addition to washing less is to use product that will keep your hair mellow and not over stimulated. Curly hair is already active and wild especially when you add highlights, color, blowdrying and the use of curling irons or flat irons. An astringent shampoo will make you hair squeaky clean but will also make your curl explode into a mass of uncontrollable craziness! There are plenty of great products especially made for your curls nowadays. We carry a few that are excellent. Curl Hydration shampoo and conditioner is a favorite, but I often recommend Gentle shampoo and conditioner as well. Remember to shampoo at the scalp and condition mid-hair to ends. For coarser hair, using an extra rich conditioning treatment is the solution, like Whipped Treatment. For styling, I always tell clients to first prime the hair, add something to hold it in place and finish with shine or more hold. Good primers are Cream Whip (my favorite), Curl Control or Curl Enhancer are also pretty sweet. For hold, my favorite is Curl Definer but Set and Style is great for finer hair and Styling Whip gives medium hold and awesome shine. Finish these off with some Healing Oil, Holding Spray or Primp hairspray. If you have the desire to have the opposite of calm hair, which I’m obsessed with, use the Wave Mist. Salt water spray that’ll make your hair “big and nasty”!

3. Embrace your curl

A lot of very well intended curly girls try to force their hair into styles that are beating it up. Excessive heat usually is to blame. Love your curls more and more as you change your habits and take a bold step- get a good shape that compliments your face and curl type. The way a hairdresser cuts curl should be different than how we cut straight hair. Cutting it dry, so we can see the shape unfold, is a common practice at Square Root Salon.

If you’re already following these steps, chances are someone gave you some good advice, but, if not… here you go.

Beauty To The People!

~David Gatt